Friday, October 5, 2007


This is Sorry's Imaginary Friend Lp. I dont know to much about this other than its a really good listen. Please inform me if you have any details about this artist. Track names and artwork are also located in the ZIP file.
1.My Word
3.Doomed From The Start
4.Where Were You?
5.Why Do I Have To Look At You?
6.One More Step
7.Don't Assume
9.Imaginary Friend
11.No Concern
13.On My Own
16.Dirty Old Man


punk.obituary said...

I found this on Something I Learned Today...

"Sorry formed in the early 80’s in Boston and played an inventive, refreshing brand of hardcore. Or, as the band has termed it “Pre-Emo, Pre-Indie, Influential OG 80’s Boston Hardcore”. To me, its sounds like a blend of hyped up Volcano Suns and early DC hardcore, but that may be because Sorry members David Kleiler and Chuck Hahn would become future Volcano Suns members. After Imaginary Friend, Sorry would release one more LP - 1986’s The Way It Is on Homestead. Vocalist Jon Easley went on to be in Burn amongst other bands before passing away in 1998."

Anonymous said...

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