Sunday, September 30, 2007


Devo's first album Be Stiff= pure innovation. I was going to upload this but Punks Not Profit had it on their site. No sense reinventing the wheel! Kudos to Punks Not Profit!

Track Listing
1. Be Stiff
2. Jocko Home
3. Mongoloid
4. Satisfaction
5. Sloppy
6. Social Foods



Anonymous said...

i recently found out devo was the first band to use key-tars, haha.

anyways, i have this

its black flag's last show with dez on vocals.

i saw that kid was looking for pre rollins stuff.

Anonymous said...

also im trying to spread this

its about 9/11 and what really happened. if you like it post it on your blog.

Deiter of Venice, CA said...

I'm an old guy who saw Devo play LA clubs before they were signed. They were a great live act with great songs. The release of the first album kind of signaled the end of the classic period as far as I'm concerned. (I stopped buying their records after the second one and even then I didn't listen to that one much.) This post is Devo at their best: Crude and garagey maybe, but the attitude was golden.

Thanks for posting.